My Story.


I thought it would be only right that the first post of this blog would be to share with you some of my experiences and what brought me here. Basically, my story.

Ever since I was in college, it dawned upon me that the only way to get ahead and achieve something in life was to start way before everyone. Thus, while everyone was out partying and drinking back in college, I was hustling on the side doing freelance work writing, teaching, hosting gigs, running events, and event doing extra internships. I thought that if I had accumulated all that experience and applied for my first “real” job that I would be set for life in that job and quickly progress thru the ranks (the manager title was all the more appealing to me).

You would know this part but basically I was wrong. Dead wrong.

So many people had more extensive experiences, better grades, deeper networks and eventually, better job offers. While I got a decent first job out of college, I was far from contented. In fact, I wanted more.

I saw idiots with all the “qualities” I had mentioned earlier but couldn’t even do their jobs properly. This pissed me off so much that when a better opportunity came, I took it. Didn’t matter that I had only been in the job for two weeks. I thought in my head, “I am doing the right thing for myself”. And so began more resignations, interviews, editing of resumes, and accepting of job offers ,to where I am now.

Every time I moved, it was for my own betterment. Better pay, better benefits, better title, better boss. I thought I was doing great in my career. But everyone else was weirded out. They saw me as having commitment issues. They said I was ungrateful with having a job. They said I should be patient.

My only reply was, Fuck it.

Because on the opposite side, many (not just millenials – a term which I hate when other people use this) were really curious and wanted to learn more about how they could find their next opportunity, to better their resume, to look for a better job or to get out of their current shitty one. So for all these people, that is what I am here for.

There are already tons of information out there on the internet that tell you what you should wear and how to do your hair for an interview but my dream for this platform is to have a conversation with all of you. To hear your thoughts and for those lost, to share with you my own experiences. I hope this would lead you to better fulfil your potential (or bank account – my personal preference) and find that Next Job that makes you happy; before you find the Next one.

This is a journey and I hope to walk it with you. To find your Next Job.


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