Supercharge your Next Job search…at work.


Too often, I hear people that complain about not having the time to look for a job. Reality check – everyone is stuck at work. While you should be giving your all at work not just for the company but for yourself as well, that doesn’t mean that what you do at work can’t help you gain that new job. Here are some tips to help you supercharge that search while still at work.

  1. Consolidate your skills.

With the ever changing job market, the skills that are constantly demanded of you will keep changing. No longer can you get by with just expert knowledge of excel to organize your professional life. Companies are using new tools like Slack and Salesforce, and regardless of your functional role, you would always need to be able to pick up such programs quickly.

But why wait till you start in your new workplace? Go get the skills you need while still having your steady job. With sites like Udemy and Coursera, picking up new skills and knowledge sets are superbly easy. Also, where better to try out your new skill than at a company that you are already familiar with and gives you the security to “sorta” fail. You could start heading a new project or help out on a current. You might even be more efficient at what you do and all this adds up to your story and resume.

2. It helps show you off to your next employer

The one good thing about looking for a job while still holding one is that it puts you in a good light, like it or not. In some way, you still hold value to your current company and no matter how little, that value gets noticed by your potential new employer. Nothing is worse than going to a job interview having to explain to your interviewer that you “left” when in fact you were asked to leave.

Of course if you’d like to show to your new employer how much of a risk taker you are and thus leaving your previous job without a new one waiting for you, then by all means great. As bad of an analogy as it is, it is how married men or women are just sometimes more attractive because there is something that they are be holden to.

3. Network, network, network

There is no better time to sniff out a new opportunity especially when it is under the guise of doing your work. Recruiters won’t be able to tell at first glance how desperate you are for a new job and every potential contact to you make with someone new is somehow linked to your existing job. All of this is happening while your employer thinks that you are reaching out for the benefit of the company. Well, it should mostly you should benefit but that’s for another post.

If you’re a salesperson, all your prospects are now your doorway to your next boss. If you are in procurement, all that knowledge of the various suppliers would make you a valuable member to one of your vendors. No matter what position you are, the people who you are in contact with are the people who can help you look for something new while. And do yourself a favour. Make sure that circle of people keeps growing day by day.


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p.p.s. If you want more help from me, feel free to reach out and comment.


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